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Minnesota's Lemon Law protect consumers who have purchased a vehicle that does not meet certain quality and performance standards and does not conform to the warranty issued with the vehicle. Each state has their own lemon law specifications. The most common “lemon” laws apply to cars and trucks that do not perform as expected by the consumer, however, there are consumer protections laws, similar to “lemon” laws that apply to most consumer products, like boats, ATVs, appliances, and other consumer products that come with a warranty at the time of purchase.

Minnesota’s Lemon Law can be found in the Minnesota Statutes at MN Statute Section 325F.665

How Do I know If My Vehicle Is A Lemon?

There are many factors that affect if you quality for a Lemon Laws but most factor can be broken into 4 main criteria. Contact us for a free five minute evaluation today.

What is a Lemon?

• It has a serious defect the manufacturer or dealer(s) didn't fix in four (4) tries, or
• It has one or more defects that prevent you from using it for 30 days or more (the 30 days could be spread out).

Does my car need to be new for a Lemon Law case?

Yes, In Minnesota the Lemon Law covers Vehicles that have defects within the first 24 months.

Can my leased car be covered under the Lemon Law?

Yes, In Minnesota Leased cars are covered under the Lemon Law.

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